Minutes, August 9, 2005

Tuesday August 9th, 7:30 pm
At the Oakdene Centre

Present: Rob Buckland-Nicks, John and Susan Malmstrom, Andrew Riddles, Cindy Harris, George Barron, Hal Theriault, Suzette Delmage

1. Call to Order
• Meeting called to order by Chairperson John Malmstrom at 7:35pm.

2. Introductions/Call for Presentations & Delegations

3. Adoption of Agenda
MOTION: Moved by John Malmstrom, seconded by Andrew Riddles to approve the agenda. CARRIED.

4. Presentations & Delegations

5. Review and Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting
MOTION: Moved by Cindy Harris, seconded by Andrew Riddles to approve and adopt the Miinutes of the August 2, 2005 meeting. CARRIED.

6. Approval of Accounts

7. Continuing Business
a. Formation of non-profit society & Incorporation Documents
• Group can register as BRIDGS with up to 15 directors and members; currently have 5 signed on.

b. Meetings with other groups
• Don, Hal and Andrew have all had conversations with Bobby Benson of the Board of Trade
• Hal’s impression is that Bobby is happy to support the ideas of the group
• Andrew spoke to him at a later date and Bobby expressed desire that BOT should be the body overseeing the project
• BRIDGS will need the support of the BOT to win the cooperation of the municipalities
• Concern expressed by Bobby: Municipality (Digby) supports the Mill Project as a priority and that BOT shouldn’t be doing something else.
• What is the mandate of Bear River Board of Trade? Is the BRIDGS project larger than what the BOT would normally be expected to do?
• Options: BRIDGS could be a sub-committee of the BOT? Invite BOT to be a member of the BRIDGS planning group?
• Need to define the relationship between BRIDGS and BOT
Should work on inviting other members of the community to the next meetings
Cindy will contact Oakdene, Historical Society, Fire Department, church groups
Hal will contact First Nations
Susan will contact Ladies’ Auxiliary
Don was also going to make some local contacts

c. Project Plan – Next Steps
• Hal distributed a handout outlining proposed project steps
• Probably will need a business plan
• ALCOA will give you feed back on your plan very quickly so the group can make revisions to the plan as it evolves (ie. Don’t have to start all over again)
• Cost of business plan $12,000 to $25,000
• Is already a great deal of background information, market trend and statistical information available from the Cultural Centre proposal which would be transferable to the BRIDGS business plan

d. Mission & Vision Statement
• Need more direction from the group on the revision of the vision statement & further definition of the tasks
• Fine tune the goals and objectives: what are the real items that matter?
• Can we finalize the anchor ideas:
– tidal interpretive center or heritage center & museum
– tidal sculpture
– maintain historical streetscape
– educational/experiential center (experiential tourism?)
– art, alternative energy, experiential tourism
– computer technology (could be combination of art & technology such as computer animation or film production)
– strongest points from original discussions were ARTS and HERITAGE
– Hal can provide a draft framework of the project to be presented to other groups

8. New Business
• Discussion of security issues; “yahoos” and vandalism in Bear River
• Need for increased police presence or option of private security services

9. Next Meeting
• The next meeting ill be held on Tuesday August 16th at the Oakdene Centre at 7:30pm.

10. Adjournment
MOTION: Motion made by Susan Malmstrom, seconded by Cindy Harris that the August 9th meeting of BRIDGS be adjourned at 9:20pm. CARRIED.