Minutes, August 23, 2005

Tuesday August 23rd, 7:30 pm
At the Oakdene Centre

Present: John Malmstrom, Andrew Riddles, Cindy Harris, Hal Theriault, Suzette Delmage , Chris Hutchins, Rob Buckland, Angela McMullen, Bobby Benson, Jane Kingston, Ruth Bull.

1. Call to Order
• Meeting called to order by Chairperson John Malmstrom at 7:30pm.

2. Introductions/Call for Presentations & Delegations
• Introductions to community members: Bobby Benson, President of the Bear River Board of Trade, Angela McMullen, Secretary of the Board of Trade, Jane Kingston, Bear River Historical Society, Ruth Bull, Oakdene Centre.

3. Adoption of Agenda
MOTION: Moved by Cindy Harris, seconded by Andrew Riddles to approve the agenda. CARRIED.

4. Presentations & Delegations
Bear River Board of Trade – Bobby Benson
• Outlined history of Board of Trade: accomplishments include waterfront retaining walls, restoration of Green Lantern building, waterfront development and maintenance of Tourist Bureau; current Mill property development; were plans to acquire the wharf properties but there were problems with clean-up (previous oil spillage) and liability issues; BOT has three properties: Mill Property, Waterfront Park, Green Lantern building (and does not pay taxes on these).
• Entrance to the Mill property has been approved by Dept. of Transport
• Municipalities have directed BOT to manage 1 project at a time
• Mandate is to look after the interests of Bear River & provide for the welfare of the community
• BOT could act as an umbrella for BRIDGS group; BOT is recognized by the municipalities and receives funding and support from same
• Some potential obstacles for BRIGDS to consider in project planning: water is a problem for development i.e. Bear River has no public water supply and existing water quality is not good
• Has been talk of a water reservoir on the Annapolis County side
• Could a broader proposal (such as BRIDGS) include a community well?
• Options of tapping into a reservoir system or the power pipeline from NS Power

• Hal is attending a meeting with the Deputy Warden of Annapolis County and will ask him about the water issue.

5. Review and Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting
MOTION: Moved by Cindy Harris, seconded by Chris Hutchins to approve and adopt the Minutes of the August 16, 2005 meeting. CARRIED.

6. Continuing Business
a. Outreach to Community Groups
• Don Rice approached the Health Centre, Legion and Bear River Action Committee but is not present to give feedback.

b. Community Security
• Cindy reviewed a memo from the Dept. of Transportation, Digby County
• Opinion of the Department of Transport is that the problem is not one of signage or traffic patterns but needs to be resolved through “enforcement of the provisions” of the Motor Vehicle Act i.e. police enforcement
• Are serious concerns about lack of police presence in Bear River; people have called in complaints but very little seems to get done
• Suggested that the RCMP and Bear River Action Committee come to a future meeting to discuss enforcement and security issues.

7. New Business

8. Next Meeting
• The next meeting will be held on Tuesday August 30th at the Oakdene Centre at 7:30pm.
Topics for Discussion:
• Municipal water supply and infrastructure
• Community policing & protection concerns
• Sustainability of the Project/Business Plan
• Pros and cons of being a sub-committee of the Board of Trade; need to clarify the nature and structure of the relationship
• Frequency of BRIDGS meetings: can the group meet every 2 weeks or 1/month?

9. Adjournment
MOTION: Motion made by Cindy Harris, seconded by Andrew Riddles that the August 23rd meeting of BRIDGS be adjourned at 9:00pm. CARRIED.