Minutes, September 14, 2005

Wednesday September 14, 7:30 pm
At the Oakdene Centre

Present:  John and Susan Malmstrom, Andrew Riddles, Cindy Harris, Hal Theriault, Chris Hutchins, Pamela Barron, Don Rice, Rob Buckland, Jane Kingston, Tim Wilson, Flora Doehler, Larry Knox, Greg McKenzie.

1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order by Chairperson John Malmstrom at 7:30pm.

2. Introductions/Call for Presentations  & Delegations

3. Adoption of Agenda
MOTION:  Moved by Cindy Harris, seconded by Andrew Riddles to approve the agenda. CARRIED.

4. Review and Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting
MOTION: Moved by Cindy Harris, seconded by Andrew Riddles to approve and adopt the Minutes of the August 30, 2005 meeting.  CARRIED.

5. Meeting Presentations & Delegations
Outreach to Community Groups & Outcome of Presentations:

•    Very good response from Fire Dept. (25 –30 people present at meeting)
•    Request for BRIDGS group to assist with volunteer support at the Cherry Carnival & BRIDGS could coordinate volunteer efforts in the community
•    Fire Chief will be the contact between the Fire Dept. and BRIDGS
•    Discussion of town incorporation

•    Date of meeting with BREDS yet to be determined

•    Good response from Oakdene Board
•    Concerns re: water supply for downtown area, group insurance for public buildings (Jane volunteered to do research when time is appropriate as she has insurance background)

•    Definite perception of BRIDGS  “stepping on toes” regarding the Mill property and the Historical Society
•    Questions regarding the relationship between the Municipality of Digby and the Board of Trade over the Mill property project
•    Hal will meet with municipal representatives to determine their relationship to the Board of Trade and potential relationship with BRIDGS

•    Include implementation of a community water system for Bear River
•    BRIDGS to become a coordinating body for volunteer support in the community
•    Review the inclusion of the Mill Property and Historical Society in the Vision statement

6. Continuing Business

a.  Policing
•    John trying to set up a meeting with Digby and Annapolis County Police Departments
•    George and John planning to go to the detachments to discuss policing issues in Bear River and invite them to a future BRIDGS meeting

b.  Formation of a Business Plan
•    Hal approaching Economic Development to see if funding is available for development of a plan or feasibility study

c. Meeting Dates
•    Meeting date will be even Tuesdays, the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month

d. Nomination of Vice President
MOVED by Cindy Harris, seconded by Rob Buckland that Tim Wilson be nominated Vice President of BRIDGS. CARRIED.

7.  New Business
•    Discussion re: officially inviting a member from each community group to sit on BRIDGS
•    Next step would be to invite individual community leaders

8.  Next Meeting
•    The next meeting will be held on Tuesday September 20th   at 7:30pm at the Oakdene Centre

9.  Adjournment
MOTION:  Motion made by Cindy Harris, seconded by Andrew Riddles that the September 14th meeting of BRIDGS be adjourned at 9:00pm. CARRIED.