Minutes, September 20, 2005

Bear River Community Meeting
Tuesday, September 20, 7:30 PM at the Oakdene Centre

Present:  Rob Buckland-Nicks, John and Susan Malmstrom (acting Secretary), Andrew Riddles, Cindy Harris, Pam Barron, Greg McKenzie, Hal Theriault.

1. Call to Order
Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM.

2. Continuing Business:
a) Meeting Presentations & Delegations
Outreach to Community Groups reports of presentations
i.    BREDS: John and Hal will attend, and may ask Paula to attend.
ii.    Historical Society: Hal and Don attended their recent meeting.  They received a positive reception for their presentation, and were informed by Jane Kingston that the members’ comments after they left were also positive.
iii.    Ladies Auxiliary of the Legion: Hal has been invited and will attend.
iv.    Bear River Action Committee: Cindy will contact Shirley to see if they plan to continue meeting this year.
v.    Other Meetings: Mary Harris would like to receive information for her church.

b) Police Contact
•    Digby:  John and George met with Corporal Paul Coughlin of the RCMP.  He serves as the community relations contact for the town and municipality of Digby.  Although the goal for the meeting was limited, (i.e. to open the lines of communication between Bear River and the RCMP), John reported that the meeting was successful and Coughlin was receptive to our request for their involvement.  There is a massive lack of staffing of police in the area, with 5 officers patrolling the entire Digby area; keeping in mind that it takes 4 officers just to cover an average shift.

•    John will contact Annapolis to set up a similar meeting with their RCMP representative.

c)   Funding Contacts
•    Hal talked with Louise Watson at the Provincial Economic Development department in Kentville.  She advised him that we need to create a strategic plan. Based on this, she would work very hard to get economic funding for Bear River.  We need to determine what the province considers a strategic plan (SWOT = strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), then have Annapolis apply on our behalf.
•    The CAO position of Digby is currently in transition, so we may need to wait to meet with them since the new person (Linda Frasier) has just stepped into this role.
•    Hal also spoke with Keith Robichaud, who advised him to be sure that we are tracking all of our donated time and other in-kind contributions.
•    Hal will meet with Mike Comeau at ACOA as soon as possible.
•    Jimmy McAlpine told Hal that he would like to see a multi-purpose court facility for young people.  Does the Oakdene have such plans?  These may be on hold due to financial constraints.  He also suggested that Hal meet with Pat McQuade soon.
•    The Digby Council will consider support of any good proposals that they receive, although there is no funding until the next fiscal year.  It was also stressed that they would like to work with only one representative entity from Bear River.  This emphasizes the necessity of making sure that all of the groups are behind us (i.e. BRES, Board of Trade, etc.) as soon as possible.

Hal asked for BRIDGS’ authorization to officially meet with municipality representatives and ACOA on our behalf.  MOTION: Made by Cindy; seconded by Rob.  CARRIED.

Further Discussion:
•    Cindy suggested that we plan on filing for official incorporation after the public meeting.
•    There was some discussion regarding bringing together all of the groups in order to secure funding as one entity.

3. New Business
Youth Liaison for BRIDGS:
John and Andrew suggested that we approach both high schools that serve Bear River to see if teachers might have input on students to attend our meetings as a project or credit.  They would be treated as equal members of the board.  Hal suggested that Judy Wilson be contacted for this process, and he may be able to talk to the right people at the schools.  The difficult task for the students would be to represent a very diverse, non-unified group.  It was suggested that Hal approach the Digby side to find student representation, while Andrew contact Annapolis.

4. Review and Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting
MOTION: Moved by Pam, seconded by Cindy to approve and adopt the Minutes of the September 14, 2005 meeting.  CARRIED.

5. Next Meeting
•    The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 4th at the Oakdene Centre at 7:30 PM.  Everyone is advised to wear a sweater, as the heat will not be on.  Future meetings may be held at the First Nations Centre.

6. Adjournment
MOTION:  Motion made by Rob, seconded by Cindy that the September 20th meeting of BRIDGS be adjourned at 8:30 PM. CARRIED.