Executive Committee Report – Apr 18/06

Executive Committee Report
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Bear River First Nations Cultural Center

Present: John Malmstrom, Tim Wilson, Wayne Smith, Susan Malmstrom, David Isles, Hal Theriault.

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM.

• Informal Treasurer’s Report: BRIDGS currently has $1,634 total. John, Wayne and Tim will need to meet with the CIBC in Digby on April 19 to set up a chequing account.

• Youth Centre Management: Hal and David will conduct research on funding for a possible position to manage the Youth Centre. Possible funding agencies include: Service Canada and Nova Scotia Recreation.

• Recent Achievements: John reported that BRIDGS has successfully secured donations, engaged benefactors, and initiated strong local press contacts. Areas of improvement: all public information needs to be consistent with everyone clear on all of the facts.

• Youth Centre Opening: Everyone agreed that we should start with a “soft” opening, and hold off the grand opening and announcement to the press until we have been opened for a couple of weeks.

• Next Goals: Everyone agreed that we need to be moving forward with our next goals. Next up: development of a formal strategic plan; and funding for a heritage play.

• BRIDGS Liaisons: Susan suggested that rather than counting on members of other Bear River organizations to regularly attend our meetings, perhaps BRIDGS members could volunteer to serve as liaisons, that is, BRIDGS members would contact organizations (which they may already have ties to) prior to each BRIDGS meeting to see if that organization has relevant concerns that they would like BRIDGS to be informed about.

1. John and Wayne will meet with the CIBC to open an account; Tim will sign the signature card;
2. John will coordinate with Jane Kingston to finish securing insurance for the Youth Centre;
3. Wayne will draft a balance sheet to present at the next regular meeting;
4. Susan will forward official thank you letters to donors;
5. John will meet with BREDS to sign the Youth Centre lease;
6. Hal will research funding sources for the next goals.

Meeting adjourned at noon.