Executive Committee Report – May 24/06

Executive Committee Report
May 24, 2006
Trading Post/Youth Centre

Present: John Malmstrom, Wayne Smith, Susan Malmstrom, Hal Theriault.

The meeting was called to order at 10:00 AM.

• Informal Treasurer’s Report: One cash donation of $40.00 was received. It was decided that a petty cash fund would be established, initially funded at $40.00. Current total in the BRIDGS’ account, including petty cash, is $1,251.40. The Secretary will collect receipts and keep an accurate listing of any expenditures from petty cash, which will be forwarded to the Treasurer prior to each report. The Treasurer’s reports will reflect the date that they are submitted, usually the day of the general meeting or close to it.

• Youth Centre: John spoke with Andre Bouchard, who is willing to assist with opening the Centre by providing the basic framework for programming and management. He suggested a meeting by special invitation for the village young people, which he could facilitate. Current infrastructure needs include: carpet strip to secure the carpet, toilet needs to be put together, electricity needs to be hooked up, hot water needs to be hooked up, doorknob needs to be put in the bathroom door. Nova Scotia Recreation needs to be contacted regarding our application, since we cannot get liability insurance (and can’t have young people in the space) before we have this.

• Recent Achievements: John and Hal met with the municipality of Annapolis County, to get their endorsement of the BRIDGS vision statement. It is critical to have the municipalities’ endorsements in order to secure funding for a strategic plan. Hal is working on a cultural activities program outline for possible funding.

• Next Goals: BRIDGS needs to form subcommittees to involve the membership in upcoming activities, most notably the youth centre.

1. For the next general meeting, we will meet in the youth centre space. Susan will let people know to bring their own chairs.
2. Hal will contact Cameron Smith of the Fire Hall to offer to set up a concert for Cherry Carnival, and will continue to work on grant proposals.
3. Wayne will forward an updated Treasurer’s Report to John, as he cannot attend the general meeting.
4. John will contact Nova Scotia Power regarding electricity for the space.
5. John and Hal will meet next with the municipality of Digby.

Meeting adjourned at noon.