Executive Committee Report – Nov 01/06

Executive Committee Report
November 1, 2006
Trading Post

Present:  John Malmstrom, Susan Malmstrom, Wayne Smith, Hal Theriault, Gerry Chute.

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM.  This was a special meeting to focus on the future of the Youth Centre.  Members of the Task Force were present.  Gerry opened the meeting by relating that we have a potential 200 school children to draw upon, according to school bus driver Ricky Pulley

Recommendations of the Youth Task Force:
•    The current Task Force members should mentor a newly formed Youth Centre Subcommittee over the next 6 months;
•    The Centre should have a paid employee, such as an event coordinator/manager, who would report directly to the chair of the Youth Subcommittee;
•    The Subcommittee should stage a community event as soon as possible;
•    A priority of the Subcommittee should be constant development of the Centre’s target audience (parents, kids, volunteers);
•    A regular report to the community on the Centre’s progress should be circulated.

MOTION made by Wayne Smith to request that BRIDGS continue to support a Youth Centre in Bear River.  Seconded by Gerry; CARRIED.

Treasurer’s Report:
Treasurer Wayne Smith submitted a Treasurer’s Report to the Executive Committee, with a motion for acceptance.  Seconded by Susan. CARRIED.

Final Word:
John thanked each member of the Youth Task Force for all of their hard work on the youth centre.  He noted that the best way for BRIDGS to accomplish its goals is by forming hardworking subcommittees who take on specific tasks, as exemplified by the Youth Task Force.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 AM.