Minutes, January 10, 2007

(Bear River Innovation, Development and Growth Society)
January 10, 2007
Trading Post (Youth Centre)

Present: Cindy Harris, Norma Wagner, Don Rice, John Malmstrom, Susan Malmstrom, Laurel Shishkov, Zoe Knorek-Onysko.

1. Call to Order/Adoption of Agenda
Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM.
MOTION to accept the Agenda. CARRIED.

2. Introduction of Minutes from Previous Meeting

3. New Business
Executive Committee Minutes: were read by Secretary Susan Malmstrom.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Wayne Smith was absent. A Treasurer’s Report will be submitted at the next Executive Committee meeting.

Motions from Executive Committee: Two important motions were made by the Executive Committee which affect all BRIDGS members:
1) Commingling of funds for separate BRIDGS projects is not authorized, and that responsibility for ensuring this shall rest with the Treasurer; 2) BRIDGS, its committees, subcommittees, and/or any agents will not incur any debt, at any time, with any vendor for any reason without prior, written approval by the BRIDGS Executive Committee.

Joint Stocks Renewal: A call was made for donations to cover the $25 necessary to renew BRIDGS’ Joint Stocks status. Thanks to two members present (who wished to remain anonymous), $26 was donated. The renewal is due by January 31, and Secretary Susan Malmstrom will do this electronically.

Bear River Health Clinic Update: Norma Wagner reported that the next meeting of the Clinic board will be held February 6, and their annual meeting will take place the first Wednesday of March. The acupuncturist will return mid-February, and there will be a stop smoking clinic on January 16.

Youth Centre:
• Special thanks to Cameron Smith who has to take a break from his duties at the Youth Centre. He will be serving as Secretary for the Fire Hall this year. MOTION: Made by Cindy, seconded by Don to forward official written thanks to Cameron for his helping with the Youth Centre. APPROVED.
• Fundraiser: Since there was no one from the Youth Committee present, Susan gave the details that she is aware of: the event will be an evening of talent at the Oakdene, February 10, with a Valentine’s theme. The Oakdene will provide the space and the canteen. Hal Theriault, Gerry Chute and Wayne Smith are lining up the talent and will work the soundboard. Gerry will act as master of ceremonies, and is providing the bulk of the advertising. Snow day will be February 17.

Strategic Plan: Funding is forthcoming from the various granting agencies. Our timeline will be very tight. John is in conversation with Louise Watson of the Office of Economic Development to allow us to straddle two fiscal years in order to give us the time necessary to yield a plan of high quality. As a reminder, the plan will serve as a business plan for the village with input from the community at large. It will have a prioritized timeline of measurable deliverables. It is a document that all government funding agencies require, and it will go out to public bid. Consultants will be put out to bid by BRIDGS. MOTION: made by Cindy, seconded by Don that the proposal for Strategic Plan for Bear River be put out to bid. APPROVED.

4. Review and Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting
MOTION: Moved by Zoe, seconded by Cindy to approve and adopt the Minutes of the December 13, 2006 meeting. CARRIED.

5. Next Meeting
February 14, 2007 at 7:30 PM at the Youth Centre (Trading Post).

6. Adjournment
Motion made by Laurel for adjournment, CARRIED. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.