Minutes, June 13, 2007


(Bear River Innovation, Development and Growth Society)

June 13, 2007

Trading Post (Youth Centre)

Present: John Malmstrom, Laurel Shishkov, Susan Malmstrom, Hal Theriault, Don Rice, Norma Wagner, Rob Buckland-Nicks, Cindy Harris.

1. Call to Order/Adoption of Agenda

Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM.

MOTION to accept the Agenda. CARRIED.

2. Introduction of Minutes from Previous Meetings

3. New Business

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Rev. Ken Perkins was not present, although he had forwarded a preliminary report prior to receiving a bank statement. The report will be presented at the next Executive Committee meeting. The May fundraiser for the Youth Centre brought in $922.

Strategic Plan: The Plan Subcommittee has been working hard and will be finished before the end of June. The real work will begin once the plan is ready. There is lots of input from other village organizations and individuals. Everyone needs to be involved to realize the goals. Hal and John will meet with the organizations once the plan is officially published.

Pageant Update: Hal will put a casting call out as soon as possible, as there is now a working script. July 14 is the target date for a staged reading at the Oakdene, and production in mid-August. Sharon Trueman is working on promotion/marketing, Robbie Bays is creating sets and acquiring props, and Carol White is producing costumes. These are the incremental steps towards instituting the pageant as an ongoing program. Eventually we would like to hire tour guides, actors (with the larger roles) and an administrator.

Youth Centre: The Musical Mayhem fundraiser was quite successful, despite wilting heat at the Oakdene. Future evenings will build on the successes of the canteen and the raffle prizes. Next show is a fall festival/Halloween theme on October 27. There will be 2 hours of entertainment, and the entertainers will limit their sets to make for a shorter evening. Advertising may include a mail drop.

Health Centre Update: Norma reported that there will be a massage therapist on Mondays; and a nurse practitioner who specializes in adults over 55 will soon be available. There will be a presentation on ovarian cancer on June 19 at 11:00 am. The next board meeting of the Health Centre will be September 1.

Subcommittee Formation: New and improved subcommittees were formed:

  • Fundraising: Rob, Gerry, Ken, Susan, Cindy

  • Board Recruitment/Membership: Don

  • Youth: Gerry, Susan

  • Pageant: Hal

  • Communications: Laurel, Cindy, Jon Pulchny (name offered by Don)

Subcommittee members are encouraged to recruit others to their respective committees, and will be reporting at future meetings on their progress.

Cherry Carnival Update: Gerry, Cindy and Susan met with Darryl Jelfs, regarding the auction. We will need 12 volunteers (some with trucks) to assist with items pick-up. We will also need 2 teams to work 2 shifts (12:30-2:30 and 2:30-4:30) on Carnival Day (Saturday, July 21). An announcement in the form of a mail-drop will go out from the Firehall at the end of June.

Bear River Signage: Rob has some very nice signs that should go up around Bear River as soon as possible. Locations need to be selected, and lumber and hardware acquired. Don, Gerry, Hal and John volunteered to meet with Rob and work on this.

Meetings’ Minutes: Due to the Strategic Plan meeting and our Annual Meeting, the minutes from both the April and May meetings required approval. For the April Meeting: Cindy made a motion for approval, seconded by Don. For the May meeting: Cindy made a motion for approval, seconded by Gerry.

4. Next Meeting

July 11, 2007 at 7:30 PM at the Youth Centre—new location (upstairs at the Trading Post).

5. Adjournment

Motion made by Cindy for adjournment, CARRIED. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.