Agenda, August 08, 2007


BRIDGS (Bear River Innovation, Development and Growth Society)
Wednesday, August 8, 7:30 pm
Youth Centre/Trading Post

1.    Call to Order

2.    Introductions/Call for Presentations & Delegations

3.    Adoption of Agenda

4.    Introduction of Minutes from Previous Meeting

5.    Continuing Business
I.    Treasurer’s Report (Rev. Ken Perkins)
II.    Youth Committee (Gerry Chute)
a)    Cherry Carnival Auction Follow Up
b)    Youth Centre & Active Saturdays
III.    Strategic Plan (Hal Theriault)
IV.    Pageant/Play Update (Hal Theriault)

6.    New Business
I.     Updates of other society meetings: Health Clinic, Music Society, Board of Trade
II.    Special Speaker for future meeting (Susan Malmstrom)
III.    Performing Arts Committee

7.    Adoption of Minutes

8.    Next Meeting

9.    Adjournment
Meeting of BRIDGS adjourns at 9:00 pm