Call for Nominations


Dear Community Member:

The Bear River Innovation, Development & Growth Society (BRIDGS) has scheduled its AGM for April 9, 2008.

BRIDGS is the creation of the citizens of Bear River, taking its form and direction from a concerned public and the many, valuable, volunteer organizations within the community.

In order to move forward we do need your assistance. In our ongoing efforts to be inclusive, transparent and responsive to community needs we invite non-affiliate individuals and/or your organization to submit the names of one or more of your membership as candidates for Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Director of BRIDGS for the coming year. (We will miss John and Susan in those offices, to be certain, however our By-laws permit officers to serve only two consecutive years, which they have done.)

All current Members and Directors are committed to BRIDGS and its continued service to the community.

Among goals made and realized are the development of a Youth Centre, first housed in the BREDS building and, more recently, in Oakdene Centre and “The Bear River Story”, by all accounts a roaring success.

With the assistance of Bear River citizens and other community groups and various levels of government, a Strategic Plan has been developed for Bear River, which we sincerely believe addresses a great number of the concerns raised by our residents in public meetings.

We are very pleased to advise we are already receiving requests from the community for assistance organizing volunteers for summer events.

Let us continue to work together to build a vibrant and successful community – one of which we can all be proud.

Don Rice and Cindy Harris

BRIDGS Nominating Committee

BRIDGS is a volunteer, not-for-profit society.

Our mission is to improve Bear River’s infrastructure, commerce, and economic viability, and thus foster community pride while offering improved quality of life for residents, quality of experience for visitors, and incentive for people to make the community

their new home.