Executive Committee Report – Sept 04/06

Executive Committee Report
September 4, 2006
Trading Post

Present: John Malmstrom, Susan Malmstrom, Tim Wilson, Wayne Smith, Hal Theriault.

The meeting was called to order at 8:00 AM.

Treasurer’s Report:
• The treasurer’s report was submitted by Wayne Smith and accepted by the Committee. Secretary Susan Malmstrom transferred to Wayne a check from Nova Scotia Cultural Division in the amount of $2,400 towards research for the Bear River multi-media production.

Youth Centre:
• Compensation to Tim Wilson for the Youth Centre signage bill was discussed, since the $120 came as a surprise to the Executive Committee. For the future, subcommittees should have their own budgets so that they can determine whether or not there are sufficient funds before expenditures occur. In the meantime, Tim offered to cover some incidental costs over the $120, and John and Susan are paying for the flyer paper. It was also suggested that we try to have items and services donated as often as possible, with the goal of paying for these kinds of things when we are up and running.
• Insurance: Tim was able to have the policy pro-rated, which means that instead of a $500 bill due on October 1, the amount will be $130.
• Next meeting of the Youth Subcommittee: Tim will organize a meeting with Andre Bouchard before the next general meeting. Hal and Susan offered to attend. Hal noted that the government budgets will be finalized soon, so time is of the essence if we want to approach them for funding.
• Lease Renewal: John stressed that we need to be certain of the village’s commitment to the Youth Centre before signing the lease renewal (also due on Oct. 1).

Economic Development Strategy:
• Hal will contact ACOA regarding our funding that they were holding pending the formation of a regional development authority.
• Hal will forward a proposal to Nova Scotia Tourism on September 11.

New Chair:
• Susan suggested that a Search Committee be formed to facilitate finding a new chair for next year.
• A transitional phase for a vice chair was suggested, with the current chair role evolving into an emeritus role.

Other Business:
• It should be stressed at the next General Meeting that it is critical for all members to keep track of their time and any donated expenses, including postage, long distance phone calls, paper, paint, etc. We need to start tracking this to demonstrate to funders that in-kind donations are constantly being made.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM.