Minutes, February 21, 2007

(Bear River Innovation, Development and Growth Society)
February 21, 2007
Trading Post (Youth Centre)

Present: John Malmstrom, Laurel Shishkov, Sandy Burrell, Gerry Chute, Susan Malmstrom, Hal Theriault.

1. Call to Order/Adoption of Agenda
Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM.
MOTION to accept the Agenda. CARRIED.

2. Introduction of Minutes from Previous Meeting

3. New Business
Executive Committee Minutes: were read by Secretary Susan Malmstrom.

Treasurer’s Report: Treasurer Wayne Smith was absent. He forwarded the information that the Youth Centre rent was paid for March. A Treasurer’s Report will be submitted at the next Executive Committee meeting.

Strategic Plan: A bid for proposals was put out for a consultant to write the strategic plan. Donna Hatt submitted a very strong proposal, and the Strategic Plan Committee recommended that it be accepted; copies were passed around. MOTION: Made by Susan, seconded by Laurel that Donna Hatt Consulting be hired to write the Strategic Plan for Bear River. APPROVED.

Youth Centre:
• Gerry passed along a $20 donation to the Youth Centre to help defray some recent costs.
• Laurel created a great design for the posters for the upcoming Variety Show (March 3); Sandy and Gerry worked very hard at posting 200 of them up all over the community, including Digby. In the process, Gerry had the chance to speak to many people about the Youth Centre, including the manager of the Sears outlet who is interested in creating a skateboard park in Digby, and may want to partner with us. Wayne will be acting as the stage manager for the Variety Show; Susan will take photographs.
• Gerry offered to stay on the Youth Centre Committee as the official fundraiser. This greatly frees up the time of other volunteers working on behalf of the Centre.
• The Youth Centre is considering offering a monthly swim meet at the Lifeplex. Cost is $85, and the time would be 6:30 to 7:30 PM.
• The Youth Committee has been approached regarding moving the Centre to the Oakdene. The Committee will follow up on this. One of the major considerations before making such a move is that BRIDGS makes sure that BREDS has another party interested in taking the space over before we leave.

Safety Meeting: BRIDGS was contacted by Nova Scotia’s Minister’s Task Force on Safer Streets and Communities to send representation to a meeting regarding safety issues and challenges. Sandy and Susan offered to attend. Some of the issues that they would like to raise will be: speeding cars, vandalism, bridge railings, condition of the boardwalk, lack of sidewalks.

Communications: Since almost all of BRIDGS’ correspondence and dissemination of information is done via e-mail, John offered to begin posting BRIDGS minutes in the Youth Centre, the Oakdene and the Post Office so that people without e-mail can access our information.

Search Committee: A Search Committee needs to be formed ahead of the Annual General Meeting. Hal will contact Don Rice and Cindy Harris to see if they will agree to act as the Search Committee.

4. Review and Adoption of Minutes from Previous Meeting
Hal noted that there should be one change made to January’s minutes: remove the language, “from a list provided by the Office of Economic Development”, as we have been informed that a list of recommended consultants through the OED does not exist (there is contact information available from ACOA if we need assistance with locating a consultant). MOTION: Moved by Laurel, seconded by Gerry to approve and adopt the Minutes of the January 10, 2007 meeting, with correction as noted. CARRIED.

5. Next Meeting
AGM, March 14, 2007 at 7:30 PM at the Youth Centre (Trading Post).

6. Adjournment
Motion made by Susan for adjournment, CARRIED. Meeting adjourned at 9:00 PM.